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Plating Options

Plating Options



What is metal plating?

Plating, is a metal protective film on the surface of your base pin metal. This plating is used to prevent corrosion and oxidation of the base pin metal. The plating also has an impact on design and over all look with the lapel pin.

We can create your pin with many different types of plating. This can change the outcome of what your pin will look like. And how it will feel as well. Our pins come with many options for the plating of the metal.

The basic lapel pin has 3 parts.  The base metal (iron/aluminum, brass, or gold/silver) the enamel coloring , and the metal plating.  When all three of elements are matched perfectly your pin will stand out no matter what size we create it in.  

Choosing the plating of your pins is very important for many reasons.  It is important to match the design of the pin to the plating that will be put on the metal. Also if you do not know what style of plating is best for your pin design we can help you out in that department.  Sometimes the different plating options do not work well with certain colors or pin designs, so you can always ask for our help in this area.

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