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Synthetic Glass Enamel Lapel Pins - Union Made


Premium Hand Charged Synthetic Glass Enamel Lapel Pins

Product Description:

The “new age” look of glass enamel—duplicating the quality and appearance of glass enamel. Most commonly used throughout the industry—fast replacing cloisonné.

These lapel pins are 100% Union Made, and we guarantee that. If you need a pin that is made in the United States and need to be a union product look no further. This beautiful pins will be sure to stand out so you can wear them with pride knowing you are supporting union labor and American trade.

Synthetic Glass Enamel lapel pins offer the look of jewelry at a more affordable price. glass enamel pins are rugged and will stand up to years of hard use.

Common uses for these pins are

  • recognition programs
  • gift shop souvenirs
  • awards
  • organization identification