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Popular Pin Effects

Puzzle Pins

Puzzle Trading Pins

 A puzzle is a pin that consist of smaller pins to create one larger image when placed together. These pins are usually a little larger in size, but can also be created at normal pin size.  For example the hockey skate is made up 4 individual 2 inch pieces, but has an overall size of 5x3 inches.   

Glitter Pins


Glitter Puzzle Pins

Glitter pins are a great way for your team's pins to stand out from other pins being traded. These pins look amazing and make an impact at every tournament and event. Have all the other teams talking about your amazing glitter pins.   
  • $0.15 Per Glitter Color a pin


Slider Pins and Spinners


Slider/Spinner pins are a great way to stand out from the rest of the pack while pin trading. Sliders/Spinners are commonly very popular amongst players, and are a great joy to make. Add hockey players to you pins that slide or spin up and be the talk of your tournament with a custom slider/spinner pin and stand out. 

Dangler and Bobble Pins


Dangler and Bobble pins really fun pins to create and trade.  We enjoy the extra element that makes these pins really stand out.  A fan favorite, we create more and more of this style of pin everyday, the parents and players really enjoy seeing all of the different styles of pins that are traded for at tournaments. 


Blinker Pins

Blinker pins are back and here to stay.  These pins are made with blinking lights build into the pin.  Add this pin effect to an already amazing looking pins and you will have the most sought after pin that is being traded at the tournament.  Make your pin design with a blinker this year, and remember to order more so you do not run out at the tournament.  

Luster Plus Pins

Luster Plus 

 Luster Plus pins are real head turners. These pins have no enamel coloring. All of the detail is taken from the raised, and recessed metal. A great new way to show off your teams creativity and the star of pin trading.


Magneto Pins


Our Magneto Pins are the newest trading pin effect. These pins are created similar to our standard soft enamel lapel pins with clutch backs but we have added a special element to the pins. We have left section of the pin design blank. That section of the design is then molded into a new pin with magnet back added. This magnet not only adds depth to the pin but becomes a separate pin entirely. Get started on your design now.