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Jeweler's Finish Lapel Pins - Union Made

Jewler's Finish

Product Description:

Sandblasted matte/frosted background with polished highlights.

These lapel pins are 100% Union Made, and we guarantee that. If you need a pin that is made in the United States and need to be a union product look no further. This beautiful pins will be sure to stand out so you can wear them with pride knowing you are supporting union labor and American trade.

To make these pieces we first create a die or tooling with your design. Next we stamp it into metal and remove the piece of metal in your logo shape. The final steps include plating, polishing, adding backings and packaging.

To enhance the look of your pin consider the plating options. The most popular are gold and silver. With these the raised areas are polished and the recessed areas are sandblasted. The other option is to use antiquing for your pin. This offers a vintage look at no additional cost.
  • team trading pins
  • event pins
  • trade show giveaways
  • organization identification

Union Made