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Enamel Trading Pins


Enamel Trading Pins

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Our mission at Steelberry is not only to create you a cost effective trading pin, but also a memory that will last a lifetime. We take extreme pride in the detail and quality of pins that we can produce for extremely competitive prices. Our trading pins are created from a die or mold of your pin design, and then stamped into metal.  The recessed cavities of the metal get your enamel coloring while the raised polished metal separates the colors to give you that classic raised and recessed feel and look. Contact us form more information, and free art proofs.

  • please call for quotes on larger sizes and quantities
  • prices include up to 2 clutch backs
  • 6 colors are included, add $ .05 per pin per additional color
  • includes Free individual poly bags
  • includes mold
  • includes art
  • add $ .05 per pin for epoxy dome